Dish Atlanta


We offer a wide and diverse range of products and services, providing satellite solutions for everyone from cutting-edge users who need to be on top of the game, to old-school C-band big dish users, and that's just the beginning. We also offer access to the specialized cables needed to build your network and PBX Avaya telephone system.


Satellite Installation Services

Dish Atlanta can provide installation or repointing service for many types of satellite dishes – C band, VSAT, FTA, Dishnetwork, Directv, and Hughes. We have been servicing satellite dishes for over 15 years. Call 404-840-7198 for more information.


Don't feel stuck with bad television at a high cost. Make the switch to Dishnetwork and take advantage of the special promotional prices. HD, DVR, multi-room viewing, on demand movies - all at the lowest price possible. Call 1-888-424-5506 or visit our satellite section.


Network Books

With the growing demand for fiber optics in large-scale communications networks, network professionals need complete, up to the minute information. Dish Atlanta has made available a large selection of books to help you stay current on industry information.

Cat 3 Cables

High speed semi-automatic tooling gives us the key to deliver high volumes of terminated twisted pair cables with industry standard RJ21 Amphenol or AMP(CHAMP) style connectors, as well as DS1. All assemblies are inspected prior to packaging. These cables are manufactured in the United States.
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Network Tools

Installing a telephone system without the right tools adds hours of time and frustration. Check out some of the tools we have found that make any job just a bit easier.

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